Club code of conduct



To promote and describe the code of conduct for all members/spectators/visitors associated with Saddleworth Rangers ARLFC  


All spectators must:

                       -  Be on your best behavior. Do not use foul, sexist, or racist language or harass players, coaches or match officials. Verbal abuse of players or match officials is not acceptable in any form. Remember a Saddleworth Rangers Club official may have to ask you to leave the field of play if you contradict this code.

                       -  Do not encroach onto the field of play

                       -  Refrain from pacing the touchline as this can be seen as intimidating in the eyes of younger players (it can also be disrespectful to other spectators trying to view the game).

                       -  Remember the players are taking part for their own enjoyment – not yours. They are not professionals or international gladiators.

                       -  Display respect to the Club officials, players, and coaches of both teams and match officials. Without them there would be no game – and do not behave in a way that will bring the Club into disrepute.

                       -  Acknowledge good performance and fair play by opponents as well as by your own team.

                       -  Condemn the use of violence.

                       -  Do not ridicule players who make mistakes. Every parent/guardian should:

                       -  Teach their child to treat everyone equally regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, or cultural background.

                       -  Not force an unwilling child to take part in Rugby League.

                       -  Encourage your child to adopt a positive attitude to training & match days, ensuring punctuality, standards of dress & respectful behavior all associated with Saddleworth Rangers & our guests/visiting teams.

                       -  Encourage their child to always play by the rules and to respect match officials.

                       -  Remember their child is involved in sport for their own enjoyment not the parents.

                       -  Never ridicule or shout at a child for making a mistake.

                       -  Teach their child that effort and teamwork are as important as victory so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment.

                       -  Support all efforts to remove verbal, racist, and physical abuse from Rugby League.

                       -  Insist on fair and disciplined play – do not tolerate foul play, cheating, foul, sexist or racist language and do not behave in a way that will bring the Club into disrepute.

                       -  Not publicly, question the judgment of match officials and never their honesty.

                       -  Recognize the value and importance of volunteer coaches and administrators; they give their time, energy, and resource to provide recreational activities for your child.

                       -  Respect coaches’ decisions on all playing matters – team selections, tactics, substitutions, etc.

                       -  Respect and abide by the decisions of the Committee in respect of all matters concerning the club.

                       -  Remember a Saddleworth Rangers Club official may ask you to leave the field if you contradict this code. Contradiction of this code may also lead to further disciplinary action.

updated November 2021