Parent expecations

As a parent this is what your child can expect from Rugby League:


·       A safe, friendly and enjoyable environment for all children and young people

·       Fun and a sense of achievement

·       Encouragement of a healthy lifestyle

·       Skills such as leadership, confidence and self-esteem



What can parents expect from the club?


·       All coaches should be qualified and have a current DBS through the RFL

·       There should be a Club Welfare Officer

·       Clubs should monitor their coaches to make sure their behaviour is good at all times

·       There should be a first aider at all games

·       Coaches must abide by the concussion protocols and take any player who has a bang to the head off permanently



What can the club expect from parents?


·       Respect the match officials’ decisions at all times – remember the match officials are often children themselves

·       Never ridicule or scorn a player for making mistakes

·       Positive cheering that encourages players in both teams

·       Never get involved in taunting or intimidating the opposite team, spectators or match officials



As a parent you will be expected to adhere to the parent / carers / spectators code of conduct.