05 Feb 2021 in News


Rangers grandad Frank Rothwell is expected to complete his epic row across the Atlantic Ocean this weekend. The 70-year-old is rowing the 3,000 miles solo to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK charity. His grandsons little Frank (below, far left) and James are in our U8s and 9s while Frank’s company Manchester Cabins recently donated two cabins to help us create a fitness suite at the club.

His daughter Su Schofield said; “We’re all really proud. I never had any doubts that he’d do it. I knew he was mentally strong enough and that’s more important that the physical. He’s always ha a really positive mind set.” The family have been given special dispensation by the government in Antigua to travel out to meet him because, much to their amusement, he’s considered an ‘elite athlete’. Su added, “It’s going to be really nice to be reunited. He’s been on the phone to the family every day and I’ve probably spoken to him more than when he’s at home.”

Frank’s already raised more than £600 thousand and you can sponsor him here:


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