The way we were - Damian Chadwick

24 Nov 2015 in Heritage - The way we were

The way we were - Damian Chadwick The way we were - Damian Chadwick

Personalities from rangers past look back and share their memories

During the seventies there was a wacky craze whereby after a few pints if somebody shouted “ants” everyone had to throw themselves on the floor and and wave their arms and legs up in the air like a dead ant......I know, I know!

After a big Saturday night out to celebrate Paul and Chris Willis’s 18th birthday, the under 18s had a Sunday fixture. True to the spirit of the night before, and still probably full of the spirit, during the game one of the Rangers lads shouted “ants” and all thirteen Rangers lads threw themselves onto the floor. The opposition froze not knowing what to do, the Rangers lads simply jumped back up and played on. 


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