The way we were - Mick Healy

24 Nov 2015 in Heritage - The way we were

The way we were - Mick Healy The way we were - Mick Healy

Personalities from Rangers past look back and share their memories

A game which sticks out in my memory, is a Lancs Cup fixture away at Bold Miners St Helens back in the late seventies. It was absolutely freezing, we arrived at the wind swept ground and the referee left it up to our coach, Ray Hicks, to decide if we should play or not. Unbelievably Ray decided the fixture should go ahead. At half time Ronnie Hardaker passed round a flask of rum to the players in an attempt to stave off frost bite. We eventually just about managed to win the game Fred Royalles scored a late try.  Back in the changing rooms, smashed windows meant the wind came howling through, lengthening the ordeal.......and guess what hot water. If you wanted a wash it was cold showers! 


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