The way we were - Paul Wilson

24 Nov 2015 in Heritage - The way we were

The way we were - Paul Wilson The way we were - Paul Wilson

Personalites from Rangers past look back and share their memories

Good Friday and Rangers had lost to St Annes up at Watersheddings. The Royal on Horsedge St was the town centre HQ for Rangers at the time, and it was a full house with everyone drowning their sorrows. Who should appear in The Royal but the St Annes boys out on the town celebrating their victory. Not surprisingly, after some friendly banter the mood changed quickly and a full scale brawl broke out. Paul remembers being back to back with Chippy fighting off the oncoming hordes.After what seemed to be an eternity both Paul and Chippy decided it was time for a rest so they sat down in the corner for a minutes respite before re-joining the wild west brawl.


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